All of our DVDs now come with Menus and Chapters!
(except the Unedited package, it has a menu, but only ONE chapter to play the entire video).

Christaldi Productions now offers THREE packages,
a "Fully Edited" package, a "Semi-Edited" Package
and a "In Camera Edited" package.

However, we work with your needs to give you
the wedding video of your dreams!

You will find that our competitors are offering a higher price WITHOUT the added "Growing-Up" Montage in the beginning of the video, WITHOUT the "Recap" segment near the end and
WITHOUT the "Honeymoon" segment at the end!

If you would like them to do these segments, they will charge you additionally and most will not even do the "Honeymoon" segment
at all.  We know of no others that even do this segment in this area.

With Christaldi Productions, these segments
are ALL included in our edited price and
we are coming in at a lower price too!

The "Fully Edited" Package contains the following elements:

Computer generated graphic titling introducing your Wedding Day.

"Growing-up" picture montage segment.
This consist of pictures of the bride and groom from early childhood up to the present.  These will be set to
music of your choice.

If you supply your Wedding Invitation we will
include it at this point.

Computer graphics announcing your wedding
location. Various graphics will be used throughout the production to introduce the different wedding segments.

We arrive at the wedding location one hour prior to your service.  We then stay with you throughout the
day including your photo session. We also stay until the very end of the reception. There is NO additional charge for any extended reception time!

Your entire service is taped.  We then tape your formal photo session at the locations of your choice.  From there we go to the reception and tape the cocktail hour and the reception.  On your edited version of the
tape these events will appear as follows:

1.   A montage, set to music and using digital special
      effects, of the events prior to the ceremony.

2.  An edited version of the ceremony.

3.  A montage, set to music and using digital special
     effects, of the cock-tail hour and reception hall.

4.  The reception segment will include all the traditional
     events of the reception such as the introductions,
     dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss etc.
     In addition we will use digital special effects on
     some portions of the general dance segments.
     This portion of the DVD will also contain the
     interviews with your wedding party, guest,
     grandparents, parents, and last but not least
     the two of you.

At this point we will do a Re-Cap of the entire day.
This will be in the form of a montage, set to music and using digital special effects. This segment usually last from 4 to 5 minutes and is an ideal way to show your Wedding to someone in a short time. 

Following the Re-Cap is a Christaldi Productions Exclusive! We will include a segment of your own honeymoon pictures and/or video!!! This will also be set to music!

If you supply us with a list of your wedding party we will run the "Credits" at this point.

We are open to any and all additional ideas that you may have regarding your DVD!

We can accommodate any wishes and styles that you may desire.  If you are interested in having only a short, greatly edited and compressed version (as some do)
we can make that a reality for you.

You will receive THREE (3) edited DVD copies of your Wedding Tape and ONE (1) unedited copy
of ALL of the raw footage shot through
out the day! ! !

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Our NEW "Semi-Edited" Package is basically a package that falls in-between the "Fully Edited" and the "In Camera" edited packages.

In this package, you will find some editing in the beginning of the video, the "Pre-Ceremony" section where you will see transitions added and music added over this segment.  It then leads up to the Ceremony and Reception.  Both of which will have only dissolve transitions added between each new clip for a polished look.  Then at the end of the video, you will also have a short segment that has editing done to it such as slow motion and other special effects and music added to give you a nice ending for your video.

Additionally, this version will have a DVD menu with chapters that take you to the main events.

Our "In Camera edited" Package is basically an unedited version that has no additional editing done to it.
However, in reality, there is some editing done.  This editing is commonly called "In Camera Editing".  What that means is that the only edits that would be made, would be those made WHILE shooting.  It is a nice clean, unedited video.

The quality of the video is the same as the fully edited
version, in regard to the image captured. 
The same cameras, the same phases of the ceremony,
photo session and reception is included.
However, there would be NO additional editing in the studio after the wedding.

NO "Growing-up" segment.
NO edited "Photo" segment.
NO "Honeymoon" segment.
NO music added.
NO photos added.
NO effects added.
NO graphics added.
NO chaptered DVD.

There will still be a Menu on the DVD, but there you will find only ONE Chapter that will play the entire DVD.  You will not be able to jump to particular scenes with this version.

With this unedited package you will receive THREE (3) unedited DVD copies of ALL of the raw footage shot throughout the day! ! !
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