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Theater Productions!
Theater Productions!
Theater Productions!

What can we say about
Theater Productions other then simply telling you that . . .


Bragging???   Full of Ourselves???

No, we are just the only company around that is crazy enough to

We put in an incredible amount of
to make your hard work look and sound as good as it can on tape!

Our goal is to make it look and sound as though it was shot on a sound stage in a TV studio!

We shoot your production using only state of the art, 3-chip, digital broadcast cameras. 

We use up to four cameras to capture the action from every angle that we can.

We get the close-ups when called for and they are close enough to see the color of your actor's eyes!

We give you the wide shots too, so that you can see the dancers glide across the stage in those big numbers!

Simply put, it is a labor of love!

The set-up time alone is often more time then anyone in the video business will spend the entire day!  Our peers often tell us that we are NUTS to put in so much effort on a local theater production!

We feel it is worth it!

We are often stopped on the street by actors that had starred on our videos when they were younger, and told how much they still love to watch their tapes!  
Some of these actors have gone on to the big screen and have come right into your house on some of your favorite shows!

We have produced shows for many of the areas largest Schools and Universities.
However, we still produce shows for the smaller productions whenever possible.

From Elementary, Middle, High School right up to and including the University level, we are there to capture it all!

What will it cost your school to have a theater production video taped???

How does FREE sound???

That's right, your school and director
will receive a FREE copy of the tape!

The cast simply pays for each individual tape that they order.  Our cost per tape is normally $30.00 for VHS and $45.00 for DVDs.  There is no S&H charge, as we drop them off to your school and allow you to hand them out to the cast. In this manner we are able to save you money
and keep the cost down.

Most of the time these tapes are only allowed to be sold directly to the actors due to restrictions placed on them by the owners of the original show.  It is up to you to check to be sure that it is allowed.

We have never seen any that allow for other then Cast Copies to be sold, so we DO NOT make them available to the general public.  

However, our productions are of such high quality that some of the owners of the shows have actually purchased OUR tapes to send around the country to prospective clients interested in seeing how the show might look for them!

If you would be interested in having us produce a video tape of your next production, please contact us and we will go into further detail.

Thank you!
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