What is the perfect gift for someone that has EVERYTHING?!?!?

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Photo Montages
A Video Photo Montage, of Course!!!
In My Life
There are places I'll remember all my life
Though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends
I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all
John Lennon & Paul McCartney

What exactly IS a Video Photo Montage???
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Well, aside from being one of the most rewarding gifts to give to someone, it is a video that is created by combining computer generated graphics, titles, photos, and even video, together with just the right music, to bring smiles to your heart and tears to your eyes!

We often say that we are in the Crying Business!

If we do our job right you will be left with eyes filled with tears and cheeks that
hurt from smiling too much!

We DO our job right, so have the tissues on hand!

Actually, we feel like we are cheating a bit though.
It is hard to go wrong giving someone a look back through the years at their OWN life!  People LOVE to see those old photos and videos when shown this way.  The presentation is really boosted up a notch when the right music to is added too.

Another great thing about these types of productions is that instead of only ONE person having a copy of those great old photos and videos, now EVERYONE can have a copy of them and in a better format that is a lot more fun to watch then having to dig through the old photo albums and video tapes now and then.

These productions are PERFECT for:

Your Parents Birthdays
We are often hired to make this type of video production for Parents that are celebrating their 50th, 65th, 70th and 80th birthdays.  By the time people have gotten this far in life they usually have everything that they really ever wanted and they are HARD to find the perfect gift for.
Not anymore!  This gift is a real crowd pleaser!

We have had many calls as they finished watching the video to tell us how much they loved it and thank us for producing it.

Your Parents Anniversary
This one is also greeted with great enthusiasm like the one mentioned above.  We have actually even been sent a video of one family's parents WATCHING the video that we produced.  We were able to see them fluctuate from tears of joy to uncontrollable laughter as they watched their lives unfold on our video!

Your Anniversary
Many Husbands and Wives have surprised their spouses on their anniversary with one of our photo video montage productions!
A sure way to show how much your anniversary means to you!
We have also been hired by their children to surprise Mom & Dad on their wedding anniversary with this gift!

College Graduations
Another great way to help celebrate such a milestone.  Your child will love looking back at almost a 1/4 century of their life displayed in this manner.
Seeing all their loved ones again and looking back at their childhood
and all of their achievements.

Retirement Parties
No better "Send Off" then a tape like this!  We see this one often used at the retirement dinner and given as a gift to the person retiring.  We have been hired by employers, grateful to their retiring employee, other fellow employees that will miss him or her and the families of the retiring employee.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
Wedding Receptions
Many of you have been to a wedding or rehearsal dinner and watched someone present the Bride & Groom a little Power Point Presentation or slide show.  A very thoughtful gift from a loved one.  Still, as nice as a Power Point or slide show is, they do not come CLOSE to the look and sound of a professional video production!  We see some rather poorly produced presentations at weddings all the time.  Done with all the right intentions, but none of the right equipment or expertise.  Want to give them a great wedding gift?  Here is your big chance!
They will enjoy it for many years to come!

Sports Memory Recaps
This one is VERY popular with the sports teams,
especially for the departing Seniors!!!

At the end of each sporting season we produce many of these videos for various uses.  Some are as gifts to the coaches, to all the the team members, to just the senior members and as a presentation to be shown at the awards banquets.  The photos and even video are gathered from all those associated with the team and we put them together in a way that will let them relive their moments in the sun well into their golden years!

In Memory Of
These are shown with the passing of a loved one.  Most often at the viewing service.  The first time we produced one of these videos, we have to admit that we were reluctant!  We wondered if anyone would want to sit through one of these videos just after the death of a loved one.  We were actually worried that the grief brought on by seeing this video, so soon after loosing a loved one, might make matters worse and even do emotional or physical damage to those watching it.  However, this one was personal and the funeral home was going to put one together anyway.  We felt that it might as well be done right.  We produced it and went to the viewing, hoping not to see the video cause any more grief then was already present.

Well, to our surprise it had an unexpected result!  It managed to make everyone feel BETTER!  From the closest family member to the most distant friend, everyone stopped to watch the (10 minute) video over and over again!  They were not falling to the ground in tears as we had imagined they would, instead they were all warmly remembering the various photos and smiling and even laughing.  The video really made everyone feel better and helped to celebrate the life of the loved one instead of the death.  This was not what we had expected at all and came as a pleasant surprise!  Since then we have had the honor of producing more of these and each time we have been told how much they have helped to ease the pain and start the healing process.  Some have watched them for many weeks after the passing and then put them away, only to pull them out again from time to time.  In each case the family and friends loved the videos!

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