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Suggestions for organizing your photos for your montage

In order to help you to organize your photos and for you to get a better idea of how to proceed, we offer the following suggestions.  Of course you are more then welcome to use any ideas that you might desire,
this is only a guideline for you.

You may wish to use an example as follows, this style would be used in an wedding anniversary montage, but can be adapted to many other forms:

Group "A":  Photos of the bride as a child growing up.

Group "B":  Photos of the groom as a child growing up.

Group "C":  Photos of the couple during their dating years.

Group "D":  Photos from the couple's wedding.

Group "E":  Photos of the couple's first child.

Group "F":  Photos of the couple's second child. (and so on)

Group "G":  Photos of your family's special occasions,                                holidays, vacations and such.

Group "H":  Photos of your friends and extended family,                              special occasions, etc.

The grouping can be in any way that you like.  Some people like to have a group that shows all their summer vacations at the shore or a "Christmas" group.  There are many ways that you might wish to do it.  Trying to keep a chronological
flow seems to be best though.
Also, it is important not to make TOO many groups and in doing so, end up with groups that have too little photos in them.  In that situation the music that you might have liked on that group's segment could end up being cut far too short and you get that "musical chairs" feeling!  Ideally, each group should have at least 20 or more photos.
That gives you at least 2 minutes of the song.

Now for the last item,  After you have grouped the photos we would then ask that you put them in chronological order for us.  You should VERY LIGHTLY number them on the back of the photos using a pencil.  

If you place it in the middle of the back of the photo and use any INK pen, then place them on top of other photos, you stand a very good chance of having that ink "bleed" onto the front of the other photo!  We see many people ruin their great old photos this way.  Remember, LIGHTLY in a back CORNER with a PENCIL!!

Be careful NOT to push hard and indent the photos.  If you place the numbers near the edge of the photo and do it lightly, it will be fine.  Other methods are not nearly as good for the photos.

So, now you have the photos grouped, numbered in their groups and you can get a good feeling or what type of song that you might like used over each group.  Some may even be shorter groups that fall under the same song too.  Say Groups "A & B" are shorter and you might use a song such as "Through the Years" that will cover BOTH of them.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.
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