We do Graduation videos a little different
then some you may have seen.

We like to give the students MORE!

We want them to enjoy the video immensely when they get it, but we are thinking more about how they enjoy it 5, 10, 15, 25, or more years down the road.  How their children and grandchildren will enjoy it too.

So, with that in mind, we decided long ago to give more then just the Graduation Ceremony!

We like to begin our Graduation videos with a
"Quasi Video Yearbook".

This is done at no additional cost.

We try to come to your school towards the end of the school year, preferably during a special day such as the Senior Picnic or some other Senior Event.  We pick a day such as this for a few reasons.  We like to do it when it will be the least disruptive to the school day activities and when we can have the students and staff say a few words on the video to their fellow students and pupils as they prepare to embark on their future.

We normally spend some time at the school, going through the building and capturing the sights in the Hallways, Classrooms, Gymnasium, Offices, Sports Fields and other places that the students have spent the last years in.

We take all of the interviews and shots of the school and we mix them together using special effects and music.

We create a video production that they will be proud to watch and show for years to come.
Something that will bring tears to their eyes and laughter to their children!

We approach it from our own view, knowing now, after so many years away from our school and childhood friends, just how nostalgic a video such as this can be.

Don't you wish YOU had one from your Graduation?  I know that the staff here at Christaldi Productions all wish that we had one to show our children now!

From there we go into the actual Graduation Ceremony and in some cases,
(where desired and possible) we will
include the Baccalaureate also.

We pay special attention to the visual and the audio of the graduation.  Making sure that we are able to provide the finest possible coverage of this great event!

The full ceremony is covered from the promenade to the crowd leaving at the end. 

We are a “high end” video production company. 
We specialize in multiple camera
shoots using only state of the art, 3-chip,
digital broadcast cameras.

We use multiple cameras to capture the action from every angle that we can.

From Elementary, Middle, High School right up to and including the University level, we are there to capture it all!

What will it cost your school to have a Graduation video taped???

How does FREE sound???

That's right, your school will receive
a FREE copy of the tape for the library!

The students simply pay for each individual video that they order.  Our cost per tape is normally $30.00 and for DVD it is $40.00 which includes Shipping & handling.

If you would be interested in having us produce a video of your next Graduation, please contact us and we will go into further detail.

Thank you!

610- 550-1182