We are a “high end” video production company. 
We specialize in multiple camera
shoots using only state of the art, 3-chip,
digital broadcast cameras. 

We have been doing dance recitals for many years and know that the teachers and
students NEED to see the wide shot of
the performance, but we also know how
much Mom, Dad and the rest of the
family want to see their child up close, so we include a dual format that has BOTH!

That's Right!  You have the full stage view
AND a close-up view!

Using a high quality Picture in a Picture
we are able to allow you to have
the best of both worlds!

The teachers and students get to see the
dance in it's entirety while Mom and Dad
get to see a close up of their dancing child!
Everyone is happy!

No more wondering which one of those little
dots on the screen is your child!

You will also enjoy the steady, high quality,
colorful footage without annoying heads
floating by and the trouble of trying
to shoot the video yourself!

We also give a great deal of attention
to the SOUND!  You will HEAR the dance
on the video, often better then you could
have heard it LIVE!

Even though we are using the
highest possible quality cameras and
editing equipment, we still keep our
prices LOW!

The normal price that we charge for a
recital that is shot on one night and is
edited to one Tape/DVD is $30.00 per
tape or $40.00 per DVD plus $2.50
for Shipping and Handling.

We also offer to drop the entire order
off to your studio (only if you desire)
and then let the students pick them up
there.  That saves the extra charge
for S&H, keeping the cost down to $30.00
per tape and $40.00 per DVD.
The choice is yours!

Because our prices are lower then most
others, we often see the dance school
add a $5.00 fee to the cost of our tapes
to help bring some extra money into
the dance studio that way.
Once again, the choice is YOURS!

If you thought that having your
Dance Recital professionally videotaped
would be too expensive or just to much
of an extra burden on your already
hectic schedule, THINK AGAIN!

This could not be further from the truth!

Not only will you make money on the
video tape, but you will reap these other
benefits also:

* Your dancers and their families will
have a professional high quality
video, both video & sound!

* Your customers will be more
than happy with our low
price and quick turn around!

* The School will receive copy free
with our complements!

* We will be unobtrusive and
of no burden to you on
your special night!

Even if you have someone that
has videotaped the show for you in
the past, we invite you to take a look at
one of our productions and compare
the quality and price to what you have
seen before.  We think you will like
what you see with us.

Please give us a call!  We would be happy
to go into further detail,
at your convenience!

Contact us today!

You will be glad you did and so
will your students and their parents!

A special note to anyone that introduces
our company to your dance school:
We make it a practice to give anyone that
helps us to become the videographer of
your dance recital a FREE tape for each year
we produce the dance recital video!
No matter who helps us, Parents, Students,
no matter who you are!
If you are the one that gets us in, your tape
is FREE!
(this offer is only good for the FIRST person
to introduce us to the dance studio)
610- 550-1182
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Dance Samples
Dance Samples

To pay with
credit card/PayPal go to the link of the show that you are interested in and use the BUY NOW button on that page.
To pay with
Credit Card/Paypal go to the link of the show that you are interested in and use the BUY NOW button on that page.