Concert Videos

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Dirk Quinn Band - Sample Three
Please keep in mind that the samples here are compressed for Internet use and that YOUR video on DVD
would be of a much higher quality!
Dirk Quinn Band - Sample Two
"Good 'Ole Fashioned Gospel Throwdown"
Dirk Quinn Band - Sample One
"Lonely Guy Sparks"
Christaldi Productions
Video Specialist
Christaldi Productions
Video Specialist
The Billy Walton Band - Sample One
"Electricity Divides"
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Two
"Save Me"
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Three
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Four
"Bring it All Together"
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Five
"Hot Blues"
Joe Gabe
The following example is of a concept music video.  This was done a number of years ago to capture the ideas of the artist, Joe Gabe.
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Seven
"Voodoo Child" (cover)
The Billy Walton Band - Sample Six
"Life is Hard"
Joe Gabe
What will it cost you
and what do you get for that?
Click here
"Snow Angel" by Joe Gabe
Brian Aglira - Sample One
"Head in the Clouds"
Brian Aglira - Sample Two
"Mediocre Joker"
Brian Aglira - Sample Three
"Thank You All For Coming"
Real Diamond - Sample One
"Sweet Caroline"
Real Diamond - Sample Two
"Love on the Rocks"
Real Diamond - Sample Three
Bigger Thomas - Sample One
Bigger Thomas - Sample Two
"I Live at Home"
Bigger Thomas - Sample Three
"Crown Victoria"
Bigger Thomas - Sample Four
Bigger Thomas - Sample Five
"Loose Threads"
Bigger Thomas - Sample Six
Please note that the links for Real Diamond may not be as high in quality, as the YouTube videos were posted by the artist in this case and not Christaldi Productions.
Ruder Than You - Sample One
"On A String"
Ruder Than You - Sample Two
"Your Mind is Mine"
Ruder Than You - Sample Three
"God's Ghetto"
Ruder Than You - Sample Four
"Uncle Albert"
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The E Street Shuffle - Sample One
"4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)"
NOTE:  The soundman was giving us a far too hot signal this night and he lacked the proper outputs for our send.  We did what we could to make the signal usable, but there is still SOME distortion that we don't like in these samples from The E Street Shuffle.  However, the band did a superb job all night and these samples below just HAD to make our wall of great area bands!
The E Street Shuffle - Sample Two
"Prove It All Night" 
The E Street Shuffle - Sample Three
The E Street Shuffle - Sample Four
"I'm On Fire"
The E Street Shuffle - Sample Five
"Racing in the Street"
The Sofa Kings Demo