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First of all the owner of this company is a musician himself that played the Philly and NJ, DE, MD Shore areas EXTENSIVELY over the years and also worked in the largest music store in Philly during the 80’s & 90’s.  He knows music and bands.  He knows how tight money can be for musicians.  He keeps this in mind when he prices these band videos too.  Actually, the two main camera operators are both musicians!

This is a FULL TIME video production company that is into MANY different areas of video production as you can see on this website.  This is NOT some guy that has a nice new toy video camera that likes to go shoot bands for fun and turns over some video that you would not show to your girlfriend, let alone the owner of a club, that you are hoping to get booked into!  We know video, but we also know AUDIO and the needs that bands have.  We do it RIGHT!

Also, we will not leave you guessing as to what you might spend on a video.  We will spell it right out for you.  You basically have three ways to go, “A“, “B“, and “C“, with “A” being the most commonly requested, “B” the next (almost as often as “A” these days) and “C” the least (due to the higher cost factor, mostly).  So here are the options:

Option "A":

This is a single stationary (on tripod) camera shoot.  It is using a professional 3-chip Sony camera with the lowest light handling capability on the market today.  Your light show will look more amazing than you could have hoped for.  What, no light show?  Even if you are in a rather dark setting, no matter, you will still be clearly seen.  The color reproduction is as good as it gets, even in the darker settings.  This camera sees better in a dimly lit room than even your own eyes can and WITHOUT that “night time over Baghdad” look that so many other guys will give you.  NO GRAINY VIDEO!  Of course we can also bring additional lighting if requested.  This single camera will have the audio feed directly from the soundboard (where available) or we will mic the room appropriately and mix it into our own mixer prior to the camera.  You then get this “In Camera” edited tape burned to DVD and you get three copies included (additional copies can be had at a reasonable price).
Cost for option “A”: $600.00.

Option "B":

This is the exact same as above, but instead of the single camera “In Camera” edit, you will have TWO matching cameras, one stationary and the other will be “roaming” getting even closer shots and varied angle shots.  These two cameras will then be edited together seamlessly to give you the cutaways from Cam B edited to Cam A.  This give you a far more professional looking video than the simple one camera shoot.  The DVD copies are the same as option A’s package.
Cost for option “B”: $900.00.

Option "C":

This would be a full concept video, much like you would think of as a “MTV” video.  It might follow a story line that follows the song’s story or just about anything that you can dream of.  The sky is the limit with this type of video and the cost is also higher, how high would depend on what you have in mind.  Still, you can actually get away with some of these concept videos rather inexpensively.  Like I said, it all depends on what you want to do with it.  These would require a lot of input from you prior to giving you a quote.

These are by far the least expensive video productions that we even do.  We only make these deep price cuts available to our musician clients.  We ARE musicians and we LIKE helping musicians and we give them the breaks that are hard to come by in the world of music!  There are enough other things to keep a musician down, not the cost of our video productions!

Well, there you have it.  We often are contacted by people that see our work and ask us to “FIX” the video that they had shot by a fly by night company.  We do what we can, but we can not work miracles!  If you have someone shoot your show for free or next to nothing (or even worse free beer) you get what you pay for (or didn’t pay for).  There is only so much that a professional video producer can do with that bad footage.  If it was a once in a lifetime event, you are going to have to deal with the regret of not having it done right the first time.  Don’t be one of those bands that call us TOO late.  Get in touch now and have it done right the first time.

Below is a short list of some of the performers that we have had the pleasure of producing videos for:

And many others to be added soon!
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